TagorePrize is building and launching its first satellite in Space.

    This will be the first Literary Prize in the Space, that will be conveying messages about Peace, Literature, Poetry, Music and much more. Plans for building and launching the satellite are already underway and will be financed by a crowdfunding campaign, corporate and private sponsors.

As we are living in the time of a rapid militarization of the Space, now, more then ever before, it is of the utmost importance to establish peace in Space. The Space must be a place of cooperation and used for evolution of the consciousness. The Space is for the Righteous. In order to establish equilibrium we need to give poets, Nobel Prize laureates, intellectuals, humanitarians, teachers, musicians free broadcasting in Space.
We are kindly asking for help with this project that emphasizes the need for peace and unity.

When we announced our idea about the TagorePrize Peace Satellite, Monica Willard from the UN leading interfaith dialog and one of the Founders of International Day of Peace in UN sent a beautiful message of support:

”The Tagore Prize/projects are so important as they plant peace in the universe coming from earth to the heavens. We frequently hear bringing heaven to earth, but sending peace to the people with books and sending it into space is the launching of hope to open channels of love and light. Thank you for your leadership and for sharing so that we can infuse our love.”

Give your voice to TagorePrize Peace Satellite!

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