TagorePrize for Social Achievement 2019. Winner

Our mission as public figures is to recognize the movements in society that lead to change and the evolution of consciousness, to a better life.

TagorePrize for Social Achievement 2019. is awarded to Yohei Sasakawa and his incredible efforts to uproot leprosy and for his great contribution to the world peace. The TagorePrize statue will be delivered to Mr. Sasakawa in Tokyo as he was unable to attend.

Furthermore, TagorePrize  has invited an international community to join us in our plead for the recognition of a vibrant and resilient country of Taiwan. In our full support and recognition of Taiwan we have awarded TagorePrize for Social Achievement 2019 to Madame President of Taiwan, Ms. Tsai Ing-Wen and Taiwanese people, as being a Beacon of Democracy, Human Rights and Freedom.
Ambassador Chung-Kwang Tien, ambassador of Taiwan to India, accepted TagorePrize handmade brass statuette and will present it to Madame President in Taipei.


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