Ms. Sandra De Castro Buffington 
a global leader in social impact entertainment and conscious media, and Hollywood story whisperer

Dr. Yvette Rosser PhD, aka Ram Rani
writer and scholar

Ms. Maja Markunovic
linguist and literary translator

Ms. Vinita Agrawal
  award winning poet and critic 

Dr. George Gauthier III
doctor of the stars – Academy Awards (Oscars), the Grammy’s, the Emmy’s, the Golden Globe, Miss Universe and many more prestigious red carpet and sporting events

Mr. Bidhan Singh Chandra 
executive director at Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation

Mr. Ayushman Jamwal Singh 
 Senior News Editor at CNN-News18, a columnist, poet and motivational  speaker

Mr. Kenneth Langer
 author “A Nest for Lalita”, entrepreneur, sanskritist, former special assistant to the dean at Harvard University, cellist

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