TagorePrize Diplomacy is a term we like to use as a way to describe our vision and our mission. With our way of diplomacy, we have established TagorePrize with a strong vision to be a platform and a vehicle for promoting, inspiring and improving World Peace, Literature, Art and Education.

The first 10 000 copies of “One Hundred Poems of Kabir” translated from Hindi into English by Rabindranath Tagore have been printed and are being donated to schools and educational institution throughout India. In our bid for the revival of poetry and supporting education in India and globally, we will donate one book per institution, with hope that our continuous efforts and actions will result in inspiring and enriching minds and souls of millions of children. 

We believe that by educating young minds, as early as primary school age, we are creating the starting point for a better future, where inter-caste love thrives, minorities are heard, tolerance and compassion are intrinsic, and where everyone has a chance to fulfillment in life. 

Moreover, “One Hundred Poems of Kabir”, this masterpiece of poetry is presented by TagorePrize representatives as a way to acknowledge and reward personal or collective contribution to global interfaith and intercultural world affairs and peace

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