Tagore’s statuette

Rabindranath Tagore Literary Prize is like no other. Existing since 2018., it is an annual cultural event founded as a platform for World Peace, Literature, Art, Education and Human Rights. It is a legacy to Rabindranath Tagore, his outstanding contribution to Indian and international literature, as well as to the cultural, educational and humane ideas he pursued throughout his life.

It has a twofold purpose: to award the finest in Indian literature with Rabindranath Tagore Literature Prize, and to recognize positive and lasting impact on society and its change with TagorePrize for Social Achievement. We are promoting the culture and beauty of literature just as Rabindranath Tagore had taught us to, but also, the culture and society of tolerance, harmony and non-discrimination.

Naturally, creativity and artful writing have to be there, but our compass is another: revival of poetry and books that can change lives. We want to reward those whose efforts to promote compassion, tolerance, mutual understanding, have successfully bridged various divides such as class, caste, ethnicity, gender, age, education, those pointing to a common humanity and something beyond, the One of us all. We feel that these ideals are the soul of our society today. 

Are we dreamers? Maybe, but so are our awardees. This is why we need the TagorePrize in India today, and in the world tomorrow. Because our initiative does not stop here: from Mother India we take the first steps. We want the culture of harmony to trickle down to schools, to young children, through mindful education. We have a purpose to reconcile international and Indian writers and artists, to bridge cultural differences, promote peace and education. And then to spread, from new citizens of the world.

Traditionally, an annual awards ceremony is held in person in New Delhi, India. The ceremony is an event with a rich cultural program that gathers a plethora of artists, dignitaries, intellectuals, students and whomever likes to enjoy a delightful cultural evening. Musical acts are intertwined with academic talks, and naturally, winners are announced and celebrated: Rabindranath Tagore Literary Prize winner is presented with a monetary prize along with a handmade brass Tagore’s statuette, and Social Achievement Prize laureate is awarded with a custom crafted brass Tagore’s statuette.

Laureates are publicly announced at the in-person awards ceremony as well as through our social media channels.

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